rooted in the laws of nature, balance is achieved when two forces of equal magnitude act with each other from opposite direction. it is a dialogue: with gravity, with internal and external forces, and – perhaps most significantly – with ourselves.

the moonray fall / winter 2023 collection, forces in balance, observes the cosmic dance where every force finds its counterpart, and every motion echoes harmonious co-existence. this vigorous interplay of push and pull, and light and dark, governs the behaviour of tiny particles and enormous celestial bodies alike. through this collection, we explore these enigmatic energies as they twirl, spin, stir and shift, but always remain in balance.

inspired by the fundamental force of gravity, the gravity series features deeply-encrusted clusters of multi-media, a symbolic representation of particles combining due to gravity and ultimately forming asteroids and planets. the moonbeam series is a playful take on a spectrum of colours contained within a beam of light, interpreted through godet pleats in gradient colours that catch the eye. adding to the frission is the colour palette: wild berry pinks, pear greens, azure blues balanced by mist greys, deep blues, bright whites and serene blacks.

the collection comprises intricately-constructed pieces such as contemporary separates, jackets with crisp taffeta manipulated into gathers, voluminous, hand-pleated a-line skirts, and organza panels hidden in plain sight, revealed only when looked closely. most compelling are the silhouettes: vegan-certified raw denim features in arc-shaped panels, and organic cotton constructed into quilted patterns, knife pleats, box pleats and sunray pleats to create volume and vigour. the willow series, inspired by the enchanting willow tree, features modernist evening dresses with clusters of microbeads and fine crystals using appliqué and fine-needle techniques, and signature motifs such as the moonflower and moon-o-gram make an appearance across the collection in varying scales and sizes, emphasizing our findings that there is beauty in balance.

“throughout the infinite, the forces are in a perfect balance, and hence the energy of a single thought may determine the motion of a universe.”

― nikola tesla