spring 23

matter is defined as an object of mass which occupies space. we are all made of matter and exist in three different states: solid, liquid and gas; each with the ability to intermix with one another and be transformed.

the moonray spring / summer 2023 collection studies the literal and profound aspects of the states of matter: their unique qualities, innate versatility and infinite possibilities.
there is poetic beauty in knowing that something can change in form, but remain the same at a molecular level; this shapeshifting phenomenon can also be applied to us, human beings. the world may be ever-evolving, but at our core, our deepest natural state, we remain the same.

with this collection, we explore the constant shifting of molecules as matter changes state, evident in the densely
embroidered beads on crochet dresses and intricately handcrafted lace collars featuring contemporary variations of needlepoint techniques. the moonstone series is a playful interpretation of the solid state using semi-precious gemstones on liquid-like crochet knit fabric. the bubble drift series with beaded circular cut-outs on the hems and pockets are reminiscent of an interplay between solid and vapour. hand-embroidered flower appliqués, silver metallic flower petals and bugles featured across the collection catch the eye.
just as the states of matter occur naturally, the colour palette for this season is a lesson in spontaneity: sand dune yellow, sienna red and fern green, along with bright whites and pastels that bring a sense of weightlessness to the collection. our signature moon-o-gram series includes raw denims in dark indigo and light blue washes, which have been engraved with an ‘mr’ monogram in varying scales and sizes.

our love for the planet is reflected in our fabrics this season: organic cotton poplin, forest-certified viscose, raw denim, viscose fine twill, cotton crochet and organic summer muslins, all biodegradable and certified-vegan.

drawstring details on summer parka jackets, fitted tops paired with a-line wrap skirts, tailored coordinates in vivid hues, crochet lace fabrics and raw denim jackets paired with skirts display the versatility of the collection, perfect for a balmy summer day or a night on the town.

“Cheerfulness, it would appear,
is a matter which depends fully as much on the state of things
within, as on the state of things without and around us.”

― Charlotte Brontë

states of matter