Exploring light and its movement, our fall / winter 22 collection approaches concepts like reflection and refraction from creative and metaphorical perspectives.

Distorted movements inspired by the spectrum of light, Guipere lace flower embroidery and scribbled study notes embroidered onto denims are a playful interpretation of the study of light. Conveyed through a play of crafted layers, piecesare
paneled to allow for shifting opacities to complement movement. Hand techniques like crotchet, cording, lacing, and beading have been employed amongst modern silhouettes for a contemporary woman. Light’s spectrum is on display for all occasions - a mix of pastel and vivid colours for the day and dark colours for evening engagements.

moonray Fall / winter 22, is a celebration of craft and modernity — a step forward in the study of one’s own light. documented by rid burman, filmed by anna marx.