We recognise and value every contributor—it is key to our existence. Our ateliers are certified for international SA 8000 parameters, pay and hours, and health and safety as well as our management systems. We invest in our artisans constant improvement and skill development through our school of craft. We want to positively impact everyone we depend on and those who rely on us. We aim to build resilient supply chains that provide desirable jobs, foster skills, and advocate for vulnerable groups.

Be KindWe are a vegan company and ensure no animals are harmed for our products. None of our products contain leather, feathers, or fur, and none of the glues used in our shoes or bags come from animals.

What We Wear All our viscose is organic and FSC certified, produced from sustainably managed plantations. 80% of our cotton is organic and certified. This eliminates the use of pesticides and fertilisers. Organic cotton prevents contamination of groundwater, thus making drinking water clean and safe. We are producing jeans in a sustainable manner, that requires less water, fewer chemicals, and less energy. All our products are tested for harmful dyes and chemicals. We use plant-based dyes and artisanal processes like block printing and hand painting to reduce our carbon footprint.

What's in the Box Our packaging boxes are all recycled, and we use 0% virgin or single-use plastic.



The ecological impact of our consumption habits has become one of the most significant concerns of contemporary times.

At Moon Ray, we are determined that the idea that someone or something could be rendered useless is fundamentally violent and a lost occasion to discover limitless opportunities. Inspired by handcraft's zero-carbon footprint nature, we are strong advocators of sustainable innovations, development, and responsible materials to reduce global toxic waste.

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Conscious creation requires reflection
and taking time to listen, understand
and take responsibility for our choices.



The Chanakya Foundation A compelling need to implement holistic solutions for social, economic and environmental issues laid the foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility at Chanakya.The vision of The Chanakya Foundation focuses on cultural sustainability and overall development through education, skill development and women's empowerment while investing in the preservation of our heritage and promotion of the arts.

Our mission is to provide women from low-income communities with a high-quality education in hand embroidery.

The Chanakya School of Craft aims to create a platform of multi-dimensional learning focused on the arts and crafts, thereby providing equal opportunity to the often-ignored backbone of our community, women.

The Chanakya School of Craft At Chanakya School of Craft, traditional craftsmanship is reinterpreted in contemporary ways to acknowledge, respect, and protect our traditional cultural expressions’ social and environmental sustainability. The school offers a robust one-year program teaching the age-old skill of hand embroidery from master artisans.

The curriculum is divided into 2 semesters and culminates with an internship that provides experience in global luxury craft making. Proud to have taught over 400 women, the school hopes to meaningfully touch the lives of many more.